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Radio Remote Control Clamshell Grab Bucket

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Radio remote control clamshell grab bucket is a new mechanical-electrical-hydraulic single rope grab. which is suitable to the crane with single drum used on the working site such as port yard and vessel. Its operation is very easy, opened by remote control device.Its advantage no any motor pump and no any cable drum.

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Radio remote control clamshell grab is a new mechanical-electrical-hydraulic single rope grab. It is a kind of efficient tool for loading and unloading sands, coal, mineral power, grain fertilizers etc, which is suitable to the crane with single drum used on the working site such as port, yard. The mechanical structure of the grab is reasonable and reliable. Closed by wire and mechanism same as mechanical grabs during lifting crane automatically, opened by wireless remote control device on air up to 100 meters affect distance, works by DC battery, receiver and hydraulic oil only. No any motor, pump and no any cable drum. It is easy to use and work under any circumstances. The lifting capacity of crane is normally 10t–45t.



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