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  • Operating and Maintenance of Cable Reeling Drum Type YPDJ601000

    Operating and Maintenance of Cable Reeling Drum Type YPDJ601000

    During grab operation, the driving motor 27 of the cable reeling drum is always running with rated speed, while the turbo coupling 17 is entirely absorbing the slip which is necessary for cable drums. Turbo coupling and electric motor are designed for 100 percent continu...
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  • 14m3 Radio Remote Control Dual Scoop Cargo Grab Bucket be deliveried to ZhouShan Port

    14m3 Radio Remote Control Dual Scoop Cargo Grab Bucket be deliveried to ZhouShan Port

    Three sets 28T radio remote control dual scoop cargo grab bucket have been ready, and deliveried to Zhoushan Port.
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  • Technical Data of Electro Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab

    Technical Data: Model:YPDY5[1.5]2.3D-00 Grab Volume:1.5m3 Rated Capacity:2.0T Dead Weight:  2.3T Piled Density:-108t/m3 Motor Power:15kW/380V/50Hz Protection class:IP55 Insulation class:Class F Rated pressure:200bar Grab closing time :13s Grab opening time :6s Electro Valve Voltage:  ...
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  • Radio Remote Controlled Clamshell Grab Maintenance

    Radio Remote Controlled Clamshell Grab Maintenance It is advisable to change hydraulic-oil after first 500 working hours; then change the oil every 1000 working hours. Keep closing the oil box when change the hydraulic-oil. First, put container on the middle of under roof beam, open the cover on...
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  • 40Ft & 20Ft Semi-Automatic Spreaders

    40Ft & 20Ft semi-automatic spreaders have been exported to Vietnam, and our clients are very satisfied.
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  • Motor Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab for Handling Industry Waste

    The motor hydraulic orange peel grab is suitable to handle industry waste, and be operated with radio remote control device, it is very convenient and reliable.
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  • semi-auto container spreader

    20Ft & 40Ft semi-auto container spreaders have been exported to the Middle East on May 13th, 2018.  
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  • Grab Delivery Information

    This month, our company delivers three units of single rope grabs to Mexico.
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  • Attention and Maintenance of Dedusting Hopper

    Attention and maintenance ① Grab impacts hopper which is strictly prohibited. ②  If the hopper need be repaired and inspected out off guardrail, must do personal safety measures. ③  Go up and go down the hopper need caution, jump, frolic is prohibited. ④  All wires, wires junction and power need ...
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  • Using Method of Dedusting Hopper

    1、When the dedusting hopper moves to work yard, workers firstly need put down the four manual stand bars, that is, depress jack for sustaining the weight of hopper and cargo. 2、To open electric-control cabinet, and then to open four units of fans, which attention matter is that the motor must c...
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  • Movable Dedusting Hopper

    Movable dedusting hopper is mainly used to unload and load, that is, put the grab when it is loading the cargo above the unloading system of hopper, and then, open the grab, put the cargo into the unloading hopper. There is a manual control device for controlling the opening and closing on the le...
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  • Characteristics of Full-Automatic Electric Telescopic Spread

    1.  Reduce the costs of maintenance and repair Because the spreader has not the hydraulic oil and filter, needn’t often inspection and maintenance as traditional hydraulic spreader. The interval time for maintenance will be extended, and the most important thing is the maintenance and repair of e...
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