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Operating and Maintenance of Cable Reeling Drum Type YPDJ601000

During grab operation, the driving motor 27 of the cable reeling drum is always running with rated speed, while the turbo coupling 17 is entirely absorbing the slip which is necessary for cable drums. Turbo coupling and electric motor are designed for 100 percent continuous running.

Before the drum is put into operation, we recommend the following check:

a)    Direction of motor rotation in direction of arrow.

b)    Check motor terminal-block for proper sealing.

c)     Check glands for proper sealing.

d)    Check slip-ring unit to be dry, no moisture must be present.

e)    Brush-holders sealing well on slip-rings and providing proper contact. Rotation must be smooth.

f)      Grease slip-rings lightly with contact grease.

Turbo Coupling
Cable Plug

Post time: Apr-04-2022